Cash flow forecasting is an invaluable tool in easing the financial anxiety of your nonprofit. Since nonprofit cash inflows can dramatically fluctuate throughout the year; cash flow forecasting becomes an essential element of your organization's financial health. Forecasting will allow your organization to be better equipped to manage and track your finances. Some benefits include, 

- Reliable Strategic Planning
- A Clearer Picture of Monitoring Expenses
- Creates Controls Over Spending and Receivable Collections
- Provides Alerts to Warning Signs with Real-Time Insights

If your nonprofit is struggling with cash flow or is in need of guidance, we're here to help!

Cash Flow in the Nonprofit Business Model Article

"Cash flow is simply the mix and timing of cash receipts into and cash payments out of an organization’s accounts. It is where the numbers on budget spreadsheets and financial reports translate into the reality of money changing hands. And as such, it is a very specific lens on the reality of a business model—one that takes into account not just what an organization’s revenues and expenses look like, but when they come and go." Read more